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Date: 07-Apr-2016

Huh ... That's Your Audience. And Now Have A Portable Dryer Alcohol Itself, I Also Know ...?

Huh ... That's your audience. And now have a portable dryer alcohol itself, I also know ...?
Date: 11-Feb-2016

Sales /PC

express!!! Sales / PC (Daily Paragon). Get 2 positions Sales of IT products imported from abroad. Working eight hours a day Income and Benefits - Salary 12,000-15,000 Baht (excluding commissions). - Sales commissions from 50-100 baht / piece. - OT day 2 hours   Contact 02-0048612 Phone 081-9188424  
Date: 10-Feb-2016

Check Now! Apple Announced The Recall Adapter. Potential Leakage Power Shock.

If you are using a device from Apple is news to me because Apple recalled adapters for charging iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac as adapters of the "models" may. leakage problems And potential electrical shock if the user hits. Which Apple has stated that although the cases are very rare. However, AC wall plug adapter for Apple's two legs are designed for use in continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Argentina and Brazil, it could be damaged and cause a risk of electric shock if touched. Adapter plug these walls delivery since 2546 to 2558, along with Mac and iOS devices and some models also have been provided with a set of adapters, portable Apple World Travel Adapter Kit.  
Date: 27-Jul-2015

The World's Best TRAVEL JACKET With 15 Features || BAUBAX

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on the road, whether for business or pleasure, knows that the key to zen travel is being organized. Having exactly what you need -- no more, no less -- makes running through airports, navigating public transportation and toting all of your belongings manageable. There is nothing worse than losing something important like your passport or phone charger when you are halfway across the globe.

That’s why a company called BauBax is basically killing it on Kickstarterwith a campaign for an innovative jacket that offers 15 built-in features for travelers. The Chicago-based product design firm had raised more than $894,000 from 5,500-plus backers as of midday today. That’s more than 44 times the $20,000 the company was hoping to raise.

Image credit: BAUBAX | Kickstarter

The travel jacket is available for both men and women as either a sweatshirt, blazer, windbreaker or bomber. The earliest campaign donors were able to snag items for anywhere from $89 to $119; new donors will pay between $109 and $129.

The jacket is impressive in that it looks like an ordinary jacket, but contains an impressive number of features. Our personal favorite is a built-in inflatable neck pillow and eye mask. Who wants to have a neck pillow attached to their suitcase as they are rolling to and from the airport? Not cool. The Koozie Drink Pocket is also pretty sweet. How many times have you hit that airplane fold-down table with your knee and sent your red wine spilling all over your pants or the lap of the person next to you? The worst.

Have a wee look at the video below to see more of the innovative features of this travel jacket.

Date: 27-Jul-2015

Special Discount @ Emquartier 22 Jul - 2 Aug 2015

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Date: 27-Jul-2015

BlackBerry To Cut Down The Number Of Phones They Make A Year

Back in the day, BlackBerry was doing well in both the hardware and software segments, but lately their hardware has been taking a hit what with companies like Apple and Samsung dominating the smartphone market, so much so that BlackBerry’s shift of strategy to software could see a reduction in the number of phones they make a year.

Speaking in an interview on Fox Business, BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen revealed how the Canadian company was planning on further streamlining their business, which would basically entail them reducing the amount of smartphones they make every year. As Chen points out, the company usually churns out about 4 phones a year.

However moving forward with the focus being on software, he thinks that BlackBerry could reduce the number of smartphones to about 1-2 which is actually rather drastic, especially when you consider brands like Samsung and LG who flood the market with at least 5-6 different models a year, if not more.

That being said, this method has worked for companies like Apple who only puts out 2 phones a year at most. We’re not sure how this will work out with the rumors that BlackBerry is planning on creating Android handsets, but we guess we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime how do you see BlackBerry’s newfound strategy working?

Date: 23-Jul-2015

Get Free ! With Jmart

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Date: 22-Jul-2015

Special Discount @ Emquartier 22 Jul - 3 Aug 2015

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Date: 03-Oct-2014

Date: 25-Aug-2014

Date: 25-Aug-2014

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Date: 25-Aug-2014